The Stonecrest community greatly benefits from the contributions of our school families and volunteers. Our school volunteers contribute to many areas of school life and are a major part of our school’s success.

Without your help as a volunteer,  SES Council cannot offer the milk & hot lunch programs or our other services and fundraising events.

Below is a list of the various sign up opportunities for activities and events at Stonecrest Elementary School.  We will update this list as our various events come up.  We have included a description of what is required for each event and the approximate time we need our volunteers for.

We encourage you to join the Stonecrest Elementary School Council to learn what's happening and help shape plans for your children's school days!





  • If required, set up tables (found on trolley opposite kitchen) in this layout. Add the extra tables that are not set out.

  • YOU WILL NEED a black marker, the 2 master lists, the clipboard, a ruler, pizza cutter (maybe), food grade gloves.
  • All of above items can be found in the Council cupboard in the kitchen (last cupboard, far right, on the wall with the stove).
  • There should be 3 people each hot lunch day.  One team of two will sort pizza. The 3rd person will add tables if needed, help get the food delivery sorted and then begin distribution of the other hot lunch items, using the second master list. See below for details of jobs.
  • Kids will prepare the drinks.  Please make sure they use hot lunch drink bins.
  • Food Bags can be found on the fridge and used for classes with a lot of food to carry
  • New/clean pizza boxes can be found on top of the fridge in the kitchen.  Harbour Pizza should also bring some extras.
  • Food arrives at 10:30 / Lunch begins at 11:15

SORTING PIZZAS (team of 2 parent helpers):

  1. Stack the food in piles on the FOOD SORTING TABLE. Note that spaghetti and wraps arrive in pizza boxes.
  2. Have one person read the master list starting with Class #1.  The second person will place the correct number of cheese pieces in an extra pizza box (provided by Harbour with the pizzas) and place the correct number of pieces of pepperoni in the box.  Stack the pieces if required.
  3. Write the class number on the top of the box in coloured marker.
  4. Place the pizza boxes in order starting at the front table closest to the library wall (see diagram)
  5. Repeat for each class, placing the pizzas in the numerical order.  Same numbered Drink bins will shortly follow, per class.
  6. Use the empty pizza boxes for classes further down the list.  There will be lots of extras by the end. Please keep any new or clean pizza boxes to reuse for next week (ex. box the turkey wraps or spaghetti came in). Place them on top of the fridge when all is done. Used empty boxes can be placed on the bench for recycling.

DRINKS MILK/JUICE (grade 6 students):

  1. The kids will look after sorting the drinks.  Please start with the drinks on the inside door as they will expire first.
  2. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY USE THE HOT LUNCH FOOD BINS - We place these HOT LUNCH Tuesday Drink bins on the counter, to the left side of the stove. Please return them to this spot when done.
  3. Place the Drink bins on the tables starting at the front table near the library wall (see diagram).

ADDITIONAL FOOD ITEMS (1 parent helper):

  1. The third parent helper can assist the kids in getting the milk to the tables.  They are not used to doing this part of the job.
  2. They can also assist in running the pizzas to the tables. Once the pizza and milk boxes are in place, the extra food items can be distributed.
  3. Use the 2nd master list to distribute the extra food items. Place the extra food items on to of the pizza boxes.  If required, use a bag (found on top of the fridge in the kitchen) to put extra items in to make it easier for kids to carry.
  4. Double check the items for each class once everything is set out.


  1. All parent helpers will assist the kids in finding their food.  They will tell you their teachers names (they don’t know their class numbers).  The numbers generally start with the Kinders at the beginning, big kids at the end but there are a few out of order.  Keep in mind that there are some teachers with the same last name, please make sure the kids take the correct class.
  2. If there are issues with food orders PLEASE CHECK THE MASTER LIST BEFORE GIVING NEW FOOD!!!  The child must return the food they got in order to get a change.  WE DON’T MAKE EXCHANGES FOR KIDS WHO DON’T LIKE THE FOOD THEY ORDERED.  WE DON’T SERVE FOOD TO KIDS WHO ARE NOT ON THE MASTER LIST.
  3. Used pizza boxes, bins and bags will be returned by the kids.  Place the dirty boxes on the bench between the gym door and kitchen.  Wash the drink bins if required and stack them in numerical order for the newt week.  Place the drink bins to the left of the stove in the kitchen.
  4. Take down the tables and stack them on the trolley across from the kitchen.

Thank you for your help. Your time and support are greatly appreciated.





Email Coordinator to Sign-up

Once you have been added to the mailing list you are welcome to go into school any time to complete your volunteer duty.  You are not required to stay for any designated period of time.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!



Email Coordinator to Sign-up

Once you have been added to the mailing list you are welcome to go into school any time to complete your volunteer duty.  You are not required to stay for any designated period of time.  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!